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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Music Appreciation

Nero was the emperor of ____.
Mussorgsky was a _____ composer.
Mendelssohn died at age_____.
Mendelssohn wrote a famous wedding _______.
Mussorgsky's ____ died.
What two composers were critical of Mendelssohn's music?
Offenbach wrote more than ____ operas.
Mozart was a _____ man.
Felix Mendelssohn was a ________ composer.
Mendelssohn changed his name when he converted to_______.
________ loved Offenbach's music.
Mozart was buried at a _____ grave.
Mozart married _____ _____.
Night on the Baldwin became a _____ film.
Offenbach left the ______ after being there a year.
Gustav Mahler's shortest composition is an _____ long.
Mussorgsky entered a _____ ____ at age 13.
What musical was performed at Mozart's memorial service?
Offenbach helped introduce the _______.
Edward Elgar set up a science lab outside his _____.
At what age did Mozart die?
Mendelssohn had uncontrollable ______.
Offenbach's cello playing was _____.
Mendelssohn changed his name when he converted to_______.
Night on the Baldwin appeared on the film _____.
John Cage died in ____.
Mozart had over _____ works.
How many children did Mozart have after most of them died?
Mussorgsky died at age ____.
Jacques Offenbach was born in ____.
Offenbach was very good at playing what musical instrument?
Mussorgsky had a major _____ addiction.