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Law of Conservation of Mass

Name _______________________

The subscript tells us the number of _____
The small number down and to the right of the symbol
These are the substances you start out with in a chemical reaction
When two substances rearrange to make a new substance
No coefficient or subscript means ___ atom or molecule
This is stored in the bonds between molecules
When you have the same number of atoms on each side of the equation, it is ____.
This is what is created after a chemical reaction
Matter can neither be created nor ____
The release of this can indicate a chemical change
The coefficient tells us the number of _______
The large number in front of the formula
The arrow in a chemical equations means
He said, "We are all made of star stuff."
In a isolated or ____ system, matter can not be created or destroyed
Chemical changes cannot usually be
A change in this might signal a chemical change