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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling words crossword puzzle

Teacher: westog
If you are not a human being you are __________.
If something is not known about it is __________.
If you don't have respect for someone you ________ them.
If something is fastened to something else you have to _________ it to get it off.
If you play a prank or are naughty you are causing _________.
If you don't lead someone in the right direction you are _________ them.
If something is cheap it is ________.
If you are not caring or sincere you are _________.
If you do something wrong you made a _________.
Something that causes and infection or error to the body.
If you _______ something it is not connected anymore.
If you are not sane you are ________.
If something is not easy it is _______
If something is not clean or tidy it is __________.
If something is not frequent it is _________.
You want to encourage someone not ________ them.
If you don't spell a word correctly then you ________ that word.
If something is not formal it is __________.
If you don't have a good fortune you have a _________.
If you don't believe in something you have a __________.
If you are not aware of something you are _________.
If you tell a lie you are __________.
To take your clothes off is to _________.
When the order of something is not correct