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Halloween Crossword - Earth/Space Science

Drinks blood.
Living dead.
Bad luck on Halloween.
Molecule most responsible for climate change.
Rides a broom.
The life on Earth.
Our neighbor that has mass but no atmosphere.
Sweeps away atmospheres
Liquid surface water makes this possible.
The Earth's protective blanket of air.
Ultimate source of Earth's energy.
Refers to the solid part of Earth.
Solid but mobile layer under the Lithosphere.
Needed when someone is demon possessed.
Dr. Jeckel and Mr. _________
Colorful Halloween candy.
Nightmare on _______ Street
Used for a Jack o lantern.
Guards the crops.
Earth's core creates this.
Probably brought water to early Earth
Composition of Earth's core.
Spiritual being.
The Earth's soil.
Sleeps upside down.
Transforms at the full Moon.
A bed for the dead.