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American Revolution Significant People and Groups

King of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820
He was a writer who disagreed with British taxation, he wrote the pamphlet Common Sense.
Colonial government during the Revolution. They formed the army and issued the money.
He was an enslaved African American who served the patriots during the Revolutionary War. He was a spy for the patriots.
Wife of John Adams, wrote letters to him saying "remember the ladies"
Someone who supported the colonies and wanted independence from Britain.
He was an influential English philosopher who the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution got many ideas from.
He was the second president of the United States, helped draft the United States constitution and the Massachusetts constitution.
First black man to own land in New Hampshire, fought with the patriots.
He organized the Boston Tea Party and signed the Declaration of Independence. His second cousin was John Adams.
12 out of the 13 colonies met here to discuss boycotting trade with Britain.
Loyal to Great Britain, they did not want independence.
He was apart of the Sons of Liberty and was famous for "Revere's Ride"
3rd United States president, wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Helped fund the Revolutionary War for the colonists, and he was arrested twice by the British for being a spy.
He was a Spanish patriot that helped the colonies get Florida and helped them get Spain as an ally.
She was a writer who wrote about getting independence from Great Britain.
Groups of colonists that staged protests, led by Samuel Adams, belonged to the committees of correspondence.
Colonists that volunteered to defend their community against England.