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Math Benchmark #1

Answer when you subtract two numbers
Acronym that helps students remember Order of Operations
Property where the number outside grouping symbols multiplies numbers inside grouping symbols
A letter (lower case) that represents an unknown number
The distance a number is from 0. Always positive
Math sentence with no equal sign but has a variable in it
Only integer that doesn't have an opposite
Whole numbers and their opposites. Numbers on the number line
Exponents that represent small numbers (less than 1, but greater than 0)
The number in front of a variable that multiplies it 5x
Property that says you can move numbers around as long as you are adding or multiplying. It doesn't change sum or product
Operation that occurs between the coefficient and varible
A method of writing a number in terms of a decimal between 1 and 10 times by a power of 10
Property where the grouping can change when adding or multiplying
Answer to an addition problem
An answer to a division problem
The product of a number times itself
A number in a variable expression that remains the same and is not associated with a variable
Answer to multiplying two or more numbers together
Terms that have the same variable raised to the same power