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Psych - Ivan Pavlov

Teacher: Peterson's Perpetual Puzzles
Russian psychologist and learning theorist famous for the discover of classical conditioning, in which learning occurs through association.
He fueled a move in psychology toward an interest in ______ behavior and away from the self-examination of inner ideas and experiences.
The process of developing a learned response.
Any behavior or action.
Researchers have demonstrated that even learning acquired through _______ is affected by our thought processes.
In classical conditioning, the diminishing of a learned response after repeated presentation of the conditioned stimulus alone.
A previously neutral stimulus that through learning, gains the power to cause a response.
A type of learning in which a stimulus gains the power to cause a response.
One of the two basic processes in classical conditioning.
The response to the conditioned stimulus.
An automatic response to the unconditioned stimulus.
The ability to distinguish between two signals or stimuli and produce different responses.
Many common ____, like those for bugs, are learned through classical conditioning.
Producing the same response to two similar stimuli.
Pavlov believed sleep resulted from what he called . . .
Pavlov fostered interest in studying observable behavior by reporting how ______ learn in certain situations.
A relatively permanent change in behavior caused by experience.
A stimulus that triggers a response reflectively and automatically.
Anything in the environment that one can respond to.
The theory that psychology should only study observable behaviors, not mental processes.
One of the two basic processes of classical conditioning.