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The Old Man and the Sea

Iron hook with handle
Rear point of ship
A threadlike structure; fishing line
Seeming without end
Linear unit of measurement for water depth
Aggregate for small organism that float or drift in water
Small shop selling groceries, especially in a Hispanic area
A large indefinite number
Impossible to deal with
A fluorescence that persists after radiation has ceased
Very thin, especially from disease
Producing no result
In the direction of the length
The process of wearing or grinding something down
Varying in color when seen in different light
Obscure or irrational thought
Hard outer covering or case of certain organisms
A source of minerals to nourish the body
At near or toward the stern of the ship or vessel
An acute febrile high contagious viral disease
Lack of arrogance or false pride
A small boat
Lack of respect accompanied by feeling of intense dislike
a dead body
Impossible or difficult to sense
Put down by force or intimidation
Cancel officially
A holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place
Showing kindness
A straight sword
Perform without preparation
Something of sentimental value