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Nature of Science

The "R" in CERs
A fact
The "C" in CERs
Variable that depends on the independent variable- what you measure/observe
An observation using numbers
The "E" in CERs
What Mrs. Hunkin's was for Halloween
An assumption about an observation
Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning
Observation using the senses (smell, sight, touch, sounds like)
After making an observation, this is what you think happened and why in the "IF, THEN, BECAUSE" format
How we start each class
An educated guess as to what you think might happen
A way to visually represent/display data
A well supported explanation of a phenomenon in the natural world
A statement based on repeated observations that describes some aspect of a phenomenon in the natural world
Variable that "I" change during an experiment
What the candle was made out of
The scientific skill we practiced with the mystery tubes