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Jacob's Deception

Alleys Chapel Sunday School  -  Nov. 11, 2018
Prophecy of what the future holds
Esau's age at marriage
Jacob declares to his father to be his ________
The law of sowing and ______
The sense that finally convinced Isaac
Esau traded this for a bowl of stew
Devised scheme to deceive Isaac
Esau's favorite pastime
Isaac and Rebekah failed to see Esau and Jacob as _____ sons
End result of Jacob's deception
Was Jacob's deception ______
Isaac's favorite food
Rebekah used this word to impress Jacob
Jacob's initial reaction to his mother's scheme
God reaffirmed the covenant here
Used to trick Isaac
The older shall serve the ______
Meaning of Isaac's name
Nationality of Esau's wives
The deception served to fulfill God's ______ to Rebekah
Animals used in the deception of Isaac
Jacob _____ to get the blessing