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Science Olympiad Crossword

Teacher: Houston SO
narrow belt of high-speed winds in the upper troposphere
the lowest point of a wave
instrument for measuring air pressure
a unit of measure that tells how much electrical power is used
an atomic particle that lacks charge
an organism that makes its own food
group of stars that forms a pattern or picture
a layer of soil that is always frozen
structure that performs specific functions in the cell
a large mass of slow-moving ice
another name for a saltwater environment
everything that exists, including the repeated movemen stars, planets, and energy
a vascular tissue that conducts water and minerals through a plant
a common rock-forming mineral with large crystals that can be many different colors
a part of a cell that stores water and nutrients
the downward movement of one plate at a convergent boundary
the particle in an atom that has a negative charge
an underground layer of rock, sand, or gravel through which water easily moves
the energy of motion
an animal that eats only plants
a push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction
measure of the number and variety of species in an ecosystem
sudden movement of loose rock and soil down a steep slope
to turn on an axis
type of rock formed when melted rock hardens