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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ch 1 Section 1 & 2 Physical Science

the ability to do work
the study of how energy affects matter
The study of the history, structure, and formation of Earth is called ___________.
pieces of information collected from experiments
the ways in which scientists answer questions and solve problems
the study of matter and energy
an experiment in which only one factor changes at a time
a process of collecting information about the world
the “stuff” that everything is made of
A ship that is ___________ does not use as much fuel as other ships to travel the same distance
the study of movements deep in the Earth
a scientist who builds things using scientific knowledge
The penguin boat
the study of the reactions and behavior of solid materials
the process of using your senses to collect information
The factor that changes is called the ___________.
happens when one substance interacts with another substance to form a new substance
a possible explanation for, or guess at, an answer to a question
Scientists who study meteorology are called ____________.
Drawing a ____________ to support your hypothesis usually leads to more questions (Page 13)
a person who studies the chemistry of rocks, minerals, and soil
The study of Earth’s atmosphere, weather, and climate is called ____________.
the study of the structure and properties of matter
Science is divided into many __________, or parts
to interpret what the data mean