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Abstract Art: Pablo Picasso Cubism

Pablo Picasso born 1881-1973 HIs art work changed over time more than any other artist known.  He is known for his creativity.

A technique used by artist when dawing an outline of a subject.
The period between 1901-1904 when Picasso's painting expressed sadness and loneliness.
An object split directly down the middle.
The abrupt change in value use to define an edge.
A truthful representation of a subject in art.
The place where Pablo Picasso was born in 1881.
Eric Carle moved here with his father when he was six years old.
The wife of Picasso and also an artist and model.
The period between 1904- 1906 when Picasso painted lots of circus people.
A line created by putting a dark value next to a light value.
A style of art that uses shapes and different colors to represent subjects.
A famous author and artist of childrens books.
The lightness or darkness of tones or colors.
Picasso's most famous painting of the Spanish Civil War expressing his hatred for war.
A type of shading that uses dots.
A famous 20th centiruy artist who invented cubism.
A technique used to create depth or 3-D effect.
Picasso moved here.
The Real Academia of _________ where Picasso attended art school.
The line that goes from dark to light to dark and creates the form of a subject.