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5th SS Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Teacher: Andrea Brinkman
Refusal to buy goods
What people thought
No longer a law
One acting or speaking for colonists
You buy something they have and they do the same in return
Colonists against British rule
Government in which people take part
Reps from each colony who agreed stop trades with England
Friends during war
Indicates land claimed by more than one country
Passed laws for all British people
Tax on goods brought into the country
to House soldiers
Money paid to the government to run the country
Colonial fighters ready at a minute's notice
Warships to prevent other ships in or out of harbor
Meeting of reps who have authority to make decisions
What you give up for the trade
Able to make own laws
Tories loyal to the King
Killing a number of defenseless people
Control over colonies
Small, local Parliaments that make most decisions
Ruler of England and colonies
Requests for action signed by many people
Working against the government
Freedom to make their own laws
Freedom to make their own laws