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Grade 6 Modules 1 and 2 Vocabulary

Can be divided with no remainder
To separate into equal groups
Representing the same amount
A change in units without a change in amount
Given a part and whole, ________ to find the other part.
On the coordinate plane, equivalent ratios form a ________ ________.
The simplified fractional notation of a ratio
To put a part with another part to make a whole
The place value that always comes before the decimal point is _________ .
An ordered pair of numbers that describes a relationship between 2 quantities
When graphing a point on the coordinate plane, count along the ____ _________ first.
The sum of a whole number and a proper fraction
A rate per 100
Division is the same as multiplying by the _________ .
A rate per 1
A ratio of quantities measured in different units
To tell if a number is greater than, less than, or equal to another
The place value that always comes after the decimal point is _________ .
An equal part of a whole
To put together equal groups