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Science 3- Test 1 Review

Help the body keep heat in the body when cold.
Helps to protect the ear.
Carries messages to the brain.
Vitamin that is good for your eyes.
Tiny bone of the ear.
Hole in the eye that lets light in.
Another name for sound vibrations.
Tiny bone of the ear.
Carries messages from your eye to your brain.
Carries sound messages to the brain.
Protects the skin when injured until new skin can form.
Protect your eyes.
Side of the brain that controls the right side of the body.
Parts of the body that help us react to the things around us.
Filters pictures in the eye.
Help keep skin moist.
Help wash the eyes.
Protects your eyes, ears, and brain.
Bones that protect the spinal cord.
Helps the skin cool the body.
Tiny particles of a substance.
Filled with liquid in the ear to help you hear.
Separates outer ear from middle ear.
Colored part of the eye that adjusts to let in light to the eye.
Tube leading to the middle ear.
Made up of nerve cells and protected by the backbone.
To move quickly back and forth.
Sensory organ that covers the body.
Develops picture in your eye in full color.
Tiny bone of the ear.
Works together with taste to taste your food.
Controls the whole body.