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Cattle drives, Law and order, Boomers and Sooners

Cattle Trail that ran through El Reno, Yukon, Kingfisher
Indian boarding school close to Kansas border
The Transcontinental RR met in what state?
The man who led 15 attempts to settle in Indian Territory.
Cattle buyer who built cattle pens in Abilene, KS
A person who took part in the land "booms" of the late 1800's.
Name of the railroad that connected west to east.
Scottish/Irish man who supplied the Chisom Trail
First destination for cattle drives
Last name of the man who wrote an article in the Chicago Times.
Slang word for food
Closest slaughterhouse to Texas in 1800's
Which law/Act dissolved tribal lands and courts?
The head trail driver
Indian boarding school by Anadarko
The Union Pacific used what kind of laborers?
What industry brought trains into Indian Territory?
A person who crossed the starting line before the established line.
What mining company did JJ McAlestar and his partner start?
The Central Pacific RR used what kind of laborers?
End of a railroad line
Who was the "Hanging Judge?"
Besides barbed wire what else stopped cattle