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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science News

What percentage of teens are only bullied online? (P.7)
What country has the most endangered primates species? (P.5)
What planet in our solar system has the most moons? (P.3)
What element is in borax that is slightly toxic in home made slime? (P.4)
What do you call someone who studies human cultures and societies? (P.6)
_____ sickness is caused when what you feel is different than what you see. (P.4)
What volcano erupted in Italy 2000 years ago? (P.6)
What animal did Dr. Seuss get his inspiration of the lorax from? (P.5)
What country are Patas Monkeys from?(P.5)
What is the name of the newly discovered moon orbiting Jupiter? (P.4)
An artificial _____ horizon may help people with motion sickness. (P.4)
What is the authors last name who wrote the articles "New Moon" and "Toxic Slime"?
What type of school do kids report getting bullied at more? (P.7)
What is the name of the women who studies animal behaviors in France? (P.7)
What city is Mt. Vesuvius in? (P.6)
What sound does a horse make when it is happy? (P.7)