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The Music Puzzle Dec Issue

It's not unusual that he is called "the Welsh Super Star" (2)
Canadian band that has written for albums, art galleries, films, and whales
Length of Trent Reznor's nails, in inches
Their frontman inspired Ben and Jerry's most popular cherry flavour (2)
Katy Perry song or lion sound
Benny Goodman's reed instrument
They can't fight this feeling that they're going to keep on loving you (2)
Prodigious pianist Peterson
He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day when the New York Times said God is dead and the war's begun
Sister band to Funkadelic or a kind of legislative assembly
These instruments include the French and the flugel...
McCartney's band
Influential "Who Do You Love" bluesman (2)
Arresting British new wave trio
"Unbelievable" brit pop group
Slow jam by The Cars
She stood by The JAMs (and her man) (2)
Brooklyn's Soundsystem or a type of TV screen
Saxophonist for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, or an oversized suit
Ice-T's heavy metal side project (2)
R&B singer backed by the Pips (2)
Life gave her lemons and she made Lemonade
Don't tell this band a poet is writing crossword puzzles for the West End Phoenix (2)
Maroon 5 claims to have moves like this rockstar
Ms. Mouskouri who has recorded over 200 albums
Their albums include Crime of the Century and Breakfast in America
UK group whose hits include "Bus Stop" and "He Ain't Heavy"
Ravi Shankar's string instrument
The vocal range above baritone, e.g. Luciano Pavarotti
Singer-songwriter on the "Edge of Seventeen" (2)
Beatles debut single: "Love Me ___"
Butterfly or Maiden
Medical drama with theme song by James Newton Howard
Boston's "Doolittle" band or mythical creatures with pointy hats
Rap legends Public ________
Loudon, Rufus or Martha
Danny Elfman's former band (part one)
Hornsby or Cockburn
Note between La and Do, or rapper Clifford Harris
Danny Elfman's former band (part two)
Academy or Weaver
Two funky robots from France (2)
The less talented Gallagher brother
Ginuwine's 1996 equestrian hit
"Pomp and Circumstance" composer's initials
Famous frontman, originally Farrokh
German name for GdaƄsk or member of The Misfits
"To Be With You" supergroup or a song by Free (2)
Jeff Lynne's initial band
First name of 22 Across singer
Nugent or Heath
Vancouver "cuddlecore" pioneers with Neko Case