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Volunteer Vocabulary - LINC 6

To fail to take care of something or somebody
A situation in which people, groups, or countries are involved in a disagreement
Money, food, etc. that is sent to help countries in difficult situations
Giving up something to do something more important
Responsible for your decisions and actions
Can be easily reached
A charity that is independent of government and business
A person's connection to a political party
Causing death
Lasting a long time
Able to change to deal with new situations
A person who helps women give birth
To speak in favour of someone or something
Expressing disapproval of somebody/something
Organization for a complicated plan
A time of great difficulty, trouble, or danger
Natural ability or skill at doing something
Simple; plain
Medicine concerned with the birth of children and diseases of women
Concerned with reducing suffering and improving the conditions that people live in
Someone who speaks French as their first language
Including all the information that is needed
A health condition caused by lack of food
In the place where something is happening
Cheap enough that people can buy it
Not supporting one person or group more than another
The department in a company that deals with employing and training people