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North Africa

Teacher: Belinda Godfrey
Location of a pumping and pipeline system (Great Man-Made River- project by al Qaddafi); supplies water to large area
Atlas Mtn. Range begins here; closest country to spain
Some countries import most food due to ____ shortage
Dry streambed in desert except during heavy rain
Largest hot desert in world
Religion in North Africa
Mountainous landform that contains Sahara's highest point; runs through Niger, Chad, and Libya
Location of Aswan High Dam
Problem caused by wind, farming, overgrazing, and loss of vegetation
Large, mountainous plateau region in North-Central Sahara
Had adverse effect on human health; created new ecosystems; much malaria
Fertile silt, sand, mud deposited by a river make it
Environmental challenge facing the Great Man made River; may contaminate aquifers wth ______ ______
French spoken in some areas __________ colonized parts of North Africa;
Environmental impact of oil and petroleum; _______ can blow oil spills
In climate, another word for dry
Indigenous people in area
The followers of their religion are called this.
Manufacturing output ____________ rapidly after the withdrawdk
Fertile area; birthplace of civilization
Natural resource used in fertilizer
________ Nasser; a reservoir created by damming a river
The climate found in Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya
Natural gas-exporting country that gained independence from France
Landform (mountains) that run through Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria
Tourism requires large quantities of extra water; is this a positive or negative effect?
When this resource spills into the water, it hurts the environment
Today, most nomads have settled in towns or _______
North Africa must import much of its food due to ________ scarcity