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Graffiti ART

Crossword about our project. Use your notebooks to find the answers.
What you use to remake the same design over and over
First form of graffiti
Something that is against the law
Where graffiti artists like to paint
The graffiti art movement began on this traveling surface.
Cave art was normally placed in the back of the cave to ________ it from the elements.
Most graffiti letters have a ______ around the letter to make it look 3-D.
The hues that graffiti artists like to use.
What graffiti artists use to mark their territory
Graffiti art can be ________ or painted using a stencil.
Graffiti artists like to paint trains because they ________ from place to place.
Size of graffiti art
Another name for this art style
Graffiti artists like to keep their identity a _____.
Bigger ________ see artwork when it is moving on a train.
What artists paint with
Type of letter that is difficult to read
Anonymous artist
Type of letter that looks like cursive
Hired artists are __________.
Most graffiti artists choose this as their place to work.
Graffiti artists want to send a ________ when they make a statement on the wall.
Type of squared letter
Often, graffiti messages can be ___________.
When graffiti artists break the law it is called this
Artists _________ the features of the letters to give them a graffiti flare.
Artists use an ________ to make their work really pop.
People think graffiti art is bad because it ________ personal property.
Type of rounded letter
Early cave artists used their _____ as a stencil.