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Aboriginal art

Crossword about our project. Use your notebooks to find the answers.
How the aboriginal people fed their people
Aboriginal are represented the ideas of the _______.
Country where Aborigines live
It takes lots of this to complete a dot painting.
Oldest cultural history
It takes lots of these to create a pointillism painting.
Artwork is passed down from ______ to _______.
Stories about creation
What aborigines did to themselves during celebrations.
How many years old aboriginal history is
Aborigines used their _______ as a stencil.
Aborigines used these as a drawn language
Style of aboriginal art where you could see bones
Picture laguage of
A furry animal that climbs trees
Aborigines used paint from ______.
Weird shaped throwing weapon
An australian animal like an ostrich.
What is required to create very nice artwork with dots.
This is another instrument that sounds like the weather.
Part of a tree used for artwork
Dog-like animal
Aboriginal instrument
An australian bird
Painting with dots
When the aborigines move from place to place.
Animal that hops/has a pouch
Aborigines used their hands for a ________.
Aboriginal people also painted the ______ for ceremonies.
Art done on the walls of caves
Aboriginal art tells this