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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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John 12-B

What did people think the voice of heaven was?
What did some leaders love more than praise from God?
What did Mary use to wipe Jesus' feet?
Where did Lazarus live?
What are you if you believe in the light?
What does a kernal of wheat produce when it dies?
Where did Jesus go after Bethany?
Jesus was considered to be the king of ________.
What was given in Jesus' honor?
According to John 12:6, what was Judas?
What did some Greeks come to Philip with?
Who did the Greeks want to see?
Jesus came to this world to __________ it.
The perfume was supposed to be used for what?
What was the house filled with?
What did the people shout when they saw Jesus?
What time had Jesus said had come to this world?
What kind of perfume did Mary use on Jesus' feet?
What did the people pick up when they went out to meet Jesus?
What came from heaven?
What must a kernal of wheat do to produce many seeds?
What was hardened?
Who will be with Jesus wherever He is?
What was troubled?
Besides Jesus, who else was the chief priests wanting to kill?
Who served the dinner?
Jesus did not come to this world to _________ it.
Who said, "Leave her alone."
What was blinded?