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Natural Selection & Charles Darwin

NAME ___________________________________

HOUR ________   DATE _____________________
_____ selection is when individuals are selected for breeding because of certain traits they have and can pass on to their offspring
The kind of birds that Darwin noticed on the Galapagos Islands
Inherited traits that make an individual different from other members of its species
The idea that an organism's environment helps to determine which survive and reproduce
The islands on which Darwin found many new species
When inherited traits of a population change over time
Part two of Darwin's Theory of Evolution says that evolution occurs by _____ selection
Developed the idea of Natural Selection
Blend in with surroundings
Part one of Darwin's Theory of Evolution says that evolution _____.
Darwin's age when he set sail
Survival of the _____ means that those best suited for the environment are likely to survive and reproduce
The name of the ship on which Darwin took his famous voyage
Any variation that makes an organism better suited to its environment