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A region found at far northern, and far southern latitudes characterized by low-lying plants, a lack of trees, and long winters with very low temperatures
An upper layer of a Rain Forest
A Blaze that sweeps through temperate grasslands and kills plants and trees
An animal that has a lot of fur that could keep it warm in cold conditions
Cone-bearing trees that usually keep their leaves or needles during all the seasons of the year
A region characterized by a very dry climate and extreme temperatures
Trees that lose their leaves at the end of the growing season
What makes one biome different from another
A region of evergreen, coniferous forest below the artic and subarctic tundra regions
What characterizes a biome?
A region that is dominated by grasses, that has few woody shrubs, and trees, that has fertile soils, and that receives moderate amounts of seasonal rainfall
A needle like plant that lives in dry conditions, and contains structures that can store water
A large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types if plants, and animals
A feature that allows an organism survive or reproduce
The darkest layer of a rainforest