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Plant Crossword

By: Matthew Latifi
This organ supports the plant, and performs photosynthesis
A stage of development of a living organism during which specialized cells form (Two words)
An unspecialized plant cell that gives rise to a specific specialized cell (Two words)
Complex longer chains of sugar
They help to regulate the rate of transpiration by opening and closing the stomata.
An abnormal growth of plant tissue caused by insects or micro-organisms
A cluster of similar cells that share the same specialized structure
The evaporation of water from leaves
This tissue takes care of moving water and minerals from the roots
They perform the process of photosynthesis by attracting light
An organ system in a plant, which takes in water and minerals from the soil and transports it(Two words)
A process by which molecules of a solvent dissolve through a semipermeable membrane
Opening that allows/releases water and oxygen
This is where water and nutrients are transferred around the plant and leaf
It protects the cell and allows light in
The process by which cells develop from similar cells into cells that have specific functions (Two words)
The main root that grows larger and thicker than the rest (anchors the plant)
Reproductive organ
Tissues working together
This tissue moves the sugars produced by photosynthesis to other plant parts