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Connor Harrison Vocabulary List #9

The part of an experiment that is changed to determine the effect of that change
How fast an object is moving in a certain direction
The force applied in one direction on an object is greater than the force applied in another and the object moves.
The rate at which velocity changes (an increase in velocity/speeding up)
The substance, object, or group in an experiment that is not changed and can be compared to see if the variable had any effect on the results
A push or pull which could cause motion
An oject that is moving will continue moving unless something stops it; an object that is not moving will not move unless something moves it. (a bus has more inertia than a toy car)
A force that affects inertia by pushing in the opposite direction that an object is moving (two surfaces/objects touching)
When forces on an object are equal (two kids with the same weight on a see-saw)
A prediction about what the outcome of an experiment will be
The measure of the amount of force that gravity exerts on an object
An attempt to do an experiment(we do many trials of an experiment so the results are reliable and valid.)