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Hispanic Culture in U.S.

A famous latin singer who is from East Harlem, NYC
Many of the latinos living in San Antonio, TX come from what country?
Street that runs through Little Havana in Miami
Percentage of total latinos living in Miami, Florida
Name of the Miami born artist whose artwork is featured in the Cuban American Museum
What is the month called where we celebrate the diverse Hispanic culture represented in the U.S.?
The name of the neighborhood in NYC where Manuel Vega painted a mural
City in Texas. Has the highest percentage of latinos in the U.S.
Most of the latinos living in Miami, FL come from which country?
This is how many days the Fiesta de San Antonio lasts
U.S. city with the highest number of latinos
Puerto Rican born artist that painted a huge mural on an abandoned building
These are important Cuban exports that are found in many shops in Little Havana
The annual parade that runs through 5th Ave in NYC
During what month does the Hispanic Day Parade fall?
This is the name of the very famous painting made by Xavier Cortada
What is the mascot for the NFL team in Miami?
Oldest neighborhood in San Antonio
The nickname for the largely Hispanic neighborhood in NYC
Statistically speaking, 1 in how many people living in NYC are latino or Hispanic?