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Lion fish Invasion!

Stunning probes release a small _____ current that stuns the lion fish before its captured. (P.3)
What states waters did the lion fish first appear in around 1980? (P.1)
What do you call an exotic species that move into a new area and wipe out local species? (p.1)
What do you call a test model? (P.4)
Sharks, eels, and barracuda all stay away from lion fish because they have _____ spines. (P.2)
Reefs need small fish because they eat a plant like material called what? (P.3)
What type of scientists study the way living things and their environment affect each other? (P.2)
What invasive fish is this article about?
What is the name of the robot that catches lion fish where divers can't? (P.3)
Removing lion fish would have a _____ effect on the local environment. (P.4)
One reason the lion fish population grew so quickly is because they can _____ very fast! (P.2)
What do divers use to get rid of lion fish? (P.3)
Scientist believe millions of lion fish may have come from as few as _____ females. (P.2)