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Music Business Crossword

Has overview contracts, legal, and business decisions
Person who writes music
Protects the musician's intellectual property.
A musician who works with a group for a few weeks/months at a time
Takes care of Marketing, Booking Public Appearances, Creating Image, Communication for talent.
The Person who finances the production and is in charge of the overall quality of the show.
people performing on stage.
The person who finances a poject
Books gigs for musicians
Society of European Stage Authors and Composers
is the shape which a vocal microphone pics up sound.
goods to be bought and sold
A musician who plays at the same venue every night
Most famous musicians have personal ________.
Someone who checks written down music.
Someone who takes individual music tracks and puts them together.
Until the internet, this is what people used to hear new music.
controls the sound the musicians on stage hear.
Boradcast Music Incorporated
Someone who produces and sells written music
The people in charge of moving all the gear.
The American Society of Composers and Publishers
is a microphone used on drums.
Engineer that mixes the live recording if it is to be released to the public.
A musician who makes a living from gig to gig
Musical/movie electrician
the people who takes care of the musician’s instruments.
A musician who is on the road all the time
Musician who records music for movies and commercials
is used for the musician to clearly hear the other musicians on stage
Person who writes music down to be published
is the person who arranges all the travel plans for the tour.
Engineer that controls the sound the audience hears.