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Bryce's Science Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mrs. Radford
The point underground where the faulting occurs
A wall across a river
Occurs when water flows or collects over land that is normally dry.
Mountains created by two plates colliding and forcing layers of rock into folds
Layer just below the earth's crust
Solid upper mantle & crust combine to form a rigid shell called this...
A cause of beach erosion
These types of mountains may form wherever faulting occurs.
The point on the surface directly above the focus
A wall along the banks of the river, designed to stop flooding
Giant plates of rock moving slowly across the Earth's surface
Uppermost layer of the earth
Forms from magma that pushes up on Earth's crust, but does not break through
A path for flood waters to flow over
Innermost layer of the earth
Melted rock below Earth's surface
Crack in the earth's crust along which movement takes place
Plowing in curved rows that follow the shape of the land.
Dumping new sand onto an eroded beach
As the crust shakes, it sends out shock waves of energy
A violent shaking of Earth's crust.
An island near the shore formed by currents that deposit sediments
The physical remains or trace of a plant or animal that lived long ago
An artificial lake that forms behind a dam
A long narrow wall from the shore into the ocean