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Academic Language - Reading

Teacher: PGeorge
Events are in step-by-step order.
When an author tries to change your thinking or actions or cause you to do something
Specific, supporting explanations or reasons that support a broader main idea
Informational text
A play written to be performed
Events are in time order.
G____ words help you find a word in the dictionary alphabetically
How characters relate to each other or act around each other; friends, enemies, relatives, etc.
That which tends to prove or disprove something; proof
How characters get along with each other
Gives information; expository
A prefix or suffix
Poetry has rhyme and meter
The people in a story
Thinking about your reading; understanding
Information not written in the text, implied
Reveals information about time, place and sometimes background information of characters.
Clues you find in the text that help you figure out an unfamiliar word
Information written in the text
A short retelling of the most important parts
A link, or connection, between 2 texts about 1 theme
One who writes plays
One who writes fiction or expository texts
How you say, or pronounce, a word
Life lesson or moral that you can learn from a text; unwritten so it must be inferred.
To decide by a conclusive decision
Speaking parts in a play
Who or what a passage is about
Sticking with something difficult and willing yourself to do your best!
An affix placed before a base word (re-, pro-, un-, pre-)
A story's framework: characters, setting, plot
A powerful effect to sway, pressure another's thinking or actions
A drawing with labels that helps explain
A conclusion you make based on text evidence clues + background information
A specific portion of text; may be 2-3 paragraphs under a subheading
A story that is not real
1 rising action, 2 climax and 3 resolution