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Saints & Feasts 9/6 - 11/17

Means "friend of the poor"
Protomartyr and Equal to the Apostles
Modern day saint, founded convent in Aegina
Patron Saint of Armenia, known as the "Illuminator"
Parents of the Theotokos
Greek Supreme Court Justice who met with St. Paul, Patron St. of Athens
Orthodoxy's Greatest Hymnographer
Patron saint of those at sea
"Golden Mouth"
Feast of the Elevation, Celebrated September 14
Preached in India, Apostle known as the "doubter"
Patron saint of Thessaloniki, celebrated October 26
Converted to Islam, then fled and became a monk on Mt. Athos
The official flower of Orthodoxy
Beautiful and rich, she gave away all her possessions and became a monastic