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Science Project - Danny Flores

Teacher: Danny Flores
similar to skeletal muscle tissue but has involuntary contractions and found only in the muscles of the heart
carries needed materials around body for nutrient
Takes in food, breaks it down and absorbs needed nutrients
produces offspring to continue the species.
a lining many internal organs such as intestines, blood vessels esophagus.
protects the body from infection, injury and UV rays; and keeps water inside and helps regulate body temperature
different organs working together to perform a major function in the body
supports and shapes body, protects major organs, works with muscles to allow movement and make blood cells
the process by which an organism maintains a stable internal environment despite external changes like hibernation
enables body to move; allows heart to pump to circulate blood and move food thru the digestive system
basic unit and structure for all living thing
controls senses and most body functions by carrying information between the brain and body
takes oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide.
controls and regulates many body processes like growth development and metabolism with hormones
removes waste products like urine, feces, carbon dioxide, sweat, bile and worn out cells from the body
anything living; all the organ systems working together
dark and light cylinder bands of muscle cell bundled together to form muscles
a group of similar cells working together to perform a specific function
different tissues working together to form a specific function