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Physical Science Test5

a measure of the concentration of hydronium in a solution
substances that are neither acids or bases
able to occur by itself without outside help
A + B --> AB signifies what type of reaction
Electrochemical cell that produces electricity through a chemical reaction
A base is a substance characterized by its ability to produce ____ (OH-) in water
substances that produce H+ when in water and form hydronium
Electrochemical cell that produces a chemical reaction through electrolysis
results from a collision btwn atoms or molecules
Polysaccharide used for food storage in plants
AB --> A + B signifies what type of reaction
Substance that alters the rate of the reaction without becoming part of the product
Polysaccharide used for food storage in animals + people
Cholesterol that can reduce the risk of heart disease
Reaction in which heat is released as a product; reactants --> products + heat
Any ionic compound that does not contain a H+ or OH-
Branch of chemistry that studies molecules containing carbon
new substance produced by collision; located on the R side of a chemical equation
Gain of electrons
In an endothermic reaction heat is ____ with the reactants; reactants + heat --> products
Indicates how many molecules or formula units are involved in a reaction
Used to express a chemical reaction
Energy carrier of the cell
Oxidation occurs at the ____
When both the --> and <-- reaction occur simultaneously the system is in
substances that undergo a chemical reaction: located on the L side of a chemical equation
Type of reaction that occurs when electrons are transferred
Provide most energy for living things
Process of forming a thin coat of metal over an object using electrolysis
Energy required for molecules to react
6-carbon sugar found in animals and plants
Loss of electrons
Hydrocarbons containing 1+ triple bonds
Rechargeable electrochemical cell
The ___ of a chemical reaction is affected by 5 factors