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Math Vocabulary

Author: nick
A line that intersects two parallel lines
Point (0,0) on a graph
The turning of an object about a specified point
An equation that makes line that is not straight
The rate of change of a line (rise over run)
An equation that makes a straight line
A rule that assigns one output to every input
A line used to show the trend of the points in a scatter plot
A number multiplied by itself to equal a specific number
The flipping of an object across an axis
3.14x10^-11 is in what type of form
A graph showing two sets of data
A function with a constant rate of change
The point or figure that results from a geometric transformation
The longest side of a triangle
A number multiplied by itself 3 times to equal a specific number
Making an object bigger based on a certain point
Lines that are side-by-side and never intersect
The sliding of an object from one place to another around a coordinate plane