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Articles 34-37 Vocabulary

A state of final purification or cleansing, which one may need before entering heaven.
A Grave sin that kills the life of the soul and separates you from God
The tendency of all human beings toward sin, as a result of Original Sin.
A state of eternal life and union with God in which one experience full happiness and the satisfaction of the deepest human longings.
The priest pardons the sins in confession in the name of the God and the Church.
An attitude of sorrow for a sin committed and a resolution not to sin again.
Making amends for something one did wrong that caused harm to another person or led to loss.
A change of heart, turning away from sin and toward God.
A less serious sin against the will of God.
The state of permanent separation from God, reserved for those who freely and consciously choose to reject God to the very end of their lives.
Any deliberate offense, in thought, word, or deed, against the will of God