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God Creates The Earth - Day 1 to 7

Teacher: RCCG Open Heavens Chapel 2015
God rested on what day?
In the third day God gathered waters under the sky to one place and made----------. Clue is Gen.1:10
What did God called the gathered waters? Gen.1:10
How many days did God use to create the earth
What light rule the day? clue Gen.1:15-16
God spoke to the land to produce what? clue is Gen.1:11
God said let there be -------------. clue is Gen. 1:3
God called---------night. clue is Gen. 1:5
Let us make -------- in our image
A type of greater light is? Gen.1:16
What light rule the night? Gen.1:15-16
Which day did God create living creatures in the air and the sea
What was on earth before the first day? clue is Gen 1:2
Day 4 God created ----------- great lights. clue is Gen.1:15-16
A type of lesser light is?Gen.1:16
Which day did God create creatures on the land and human beings
What did God make on the second day? clue Gen. 1:8