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Teacher: Mr. Prussman
The side of a mountain that faces into the wind is ______.
A type of wind that is affected by earth's rotation is the _______wind.
The distance North or South of the Earth's Equator is called_______.
The shape of the land or it's ______ is another factor affecting local climate.
The average ________conditions of a region over an extended period of time is known as it's CLIMATE.
Water in the_____phase of matter, has the highest specific heat of all earth materials. (pg. 1 ESRT)
There are two sides of a ______, leeward and windward.
The____currents are caused by winds and affect the local climate.(page 4 ESRT)
The Altitude or ______above sea-level is another climate factor. (pg. 14 ESRT)
The side of a mountain that faces away from the wind is_________.
Nearness to large bodies of ______ tends to modify local climates.