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HIV Education

Proper _ is key to decrease infection transmission
Keep these out of the patients room
Always wear during sexual intercourse
The patient will be on this type of precaution
Do NOT share these
Confirmation of ELISA results
Monitor vital signs every _ hours
Most common AIDS-related malignancy
Change gauze-containing wound dressings
WBC < 3500
Place the patient in this kind of room whenever possible
Avoid eating _ food
Limit visitors to _
Sexual, Parenteral, and Perinatal
Indwelling Catheters
Use this in cleaning surfaces, clothing, etc.
Risk for health care workers
A _ viral load will show if medications are effectively working
Based off of CD4 T-cell counts and percentages
Do not drink water, juice, or milk that has been sitting longer than an
For all invasive procedures
Take temperature _ and whenever you do not feel well
Beginning symptoms
Inspect the patient's _ every 8 hours