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Under the sea

Stings with it's tail
No bones
Round and has spikes around it. Gets bigger when scared
Long horn like a unicorn, lives near ice.
Mantis ------
Could be fast or slow
Biggest animal ever
Long like a snake
8-legged invertebrate
Dory is a blue ----
Biggest ocean
Sea cow
Pinchy claws
Similar to a tortoise
Ocean between Britain and America
Long pointy nosed shark
Can be in a sandwich
Eww slimy
Great white or hammerhead
Has a long line with a light from it's head
Stripy but not orange
What type of fish is Nemo?
Squishy and stings
Sea urchin's favourite food
Our reception class
Flightless bird lives on the ice
Bigger pinchy claws
----- reef
A ray that doesn't sting