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American Revolution: Trenton to Valley Forge

Washington's first offensive attack was fought in this New Jersey city after he rowed his soldiers across a river. pg 181
France and its allies forced the British to take the fighting to Europe , which helped the US because then the British had fewer troops fighting in ____. pg 183
On Christmas night, 1776, Washington led 2,400 of his men across this river to fight a group of Hessians. pg181
Provided essential training for US troops including teaching them to march, aim better, and how to attack with bayonets. pg 183
This author continued to support the American cause by writing another pamphlet called "The Crisis", which Washington had read to his troops for encouragement. pg 181
A French nobleman who became a high-ranking officer in Washington's Army and a close friend of the General. pg 183
Weapons that look like knives that attach to the end of a rifle. Soldiers used them to stab an enemy at close range. pg 183
An engineer who took charge of building fortifications at West Point. pg 183
The Battle of Saratoga ended with an ____ victory. pg 182
In February, 1778 , ____ became the first nation to sign a treaty with the US. pg 183
The British goal for Battle of Saratoga was to cut _____ off from the rest of the states.
British general who has to surrender to the Americans at the Battle of Saratoga pg 182
Victory here helped convince Europeans that Americans had a chance to win the war and France decided to help. Pg 183
Soldiers paid to fight for a country other than their own. pg 181
Name of the American Army. pg 180
Washington's Army suffered through the winter in the cold at this place in Pennsylvania while British soldiers danced at parties in Philadelphia. Pg 184
Troops on horseback pg 183
The food eaten by the soldiers at Valley Forge was mainly ___ and dry bread patties. pg 184
A formal agreement between two powers to work together toward a common goal. 183
Women, including Georges wife, ____, helped by bringing food and clothes to the soldiers. They also acted as nurses and helped the sick. pg 184