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Flowers for algernon

Who is the doctor in charge of the study
What is the name of charlies childhood crush
When rose finally had enough of charlie what did she try to kill him with
Who took charlie in after his mom wanted to send him away
Who likes to go dancing at the stardust ballroom
Test with the ink blots
Who else had the operation to increase intelligence
What is mr donners first name
What does Charlies dad do for a living
What are the people who are deaf in the warren state home called
What does Norma's name represent
Who is harriet's brother
Whos the author of the book
Who is Charlie's psychologist
What is the name of the state home they want to send Charlie to
Who owns the bakery Charlie works at
Who is Charlies dad
Who is the main character
What is Ms kinnian first name
A red flower
How many children do the gordens have ?