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Rachel and Kaitlyn's labor and delivery crossword puzzle

Passage of this from the cervix is sometimes referred to as "the show."
Another name for the birth canal.
A substance contained in the afterbirth.
Refers to the time when the baby's head is first seen.
This bag may rupture, signaling the onset of labor.
A small incision to prevent tearing
Involuntary muscle movements.
Refers to the cervix stretching and expanding.
An incision made in the mother's abdomen and uterus so the baby can be removed through the opening.
The opening to the uterus.
The baby dropping lower in the pelvis.
After the baby is born, contractions continue causing the placenta to separate from this.
In the second stage of labor, the purpose of the contractions is to push the baby through this and the birth canal.
This extraction is a type of suction applied to the baby's head to help pull it through the birth canal.
Tongs that fit the shape of the baby's head, used to help control movement of the baby.
The cervix dilates from about 1/4 inches to this.
The baby's head moves from the uterus and into the vagina.
The energy and effort used to move the baby out of the mother's body.
Contractions (muscle movements) because they cannot be controlled by the mother.
This stage of labor begins when the baby's head is in the birth canal and ends when the baby is born.
In most cases, the baby's face is looking in this direction as the head emerges.
Consists of placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac, and lochia.
Refers to a baby positioned with feet, buttocks, or shoulders first.