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Ancient Art

Brianna Lozano @01695583
AHC 1113-005

Large, teardrop-shaped stone tool made during the Paleolithic period.
Piece that is interpreted as representing the unification of Egypt.
Large male figure that has been reconstructed from hundreds of fragments in 1500-1475 BCE.
Roman portrait with realism and attention to physiognomic details during the mid first century.
Art of the Ancient near East that commemorates the achievement of the leader Sargon beating the Lullubi people of the Zagros Mountains.
Jar where its patterns conform to the jar made by the Puebloan culture.
40-feet-tall statue that was decorated in gold and ivory.
Writing from southern Mesopotamia that features pictographs, or simple pictures.
Piece that portrayed the theme of warring men and centaurs in Greek art.
Earlier scholars called hundreds of small prehistoric statues of women as______.