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Psych 111 Exam 3

the tendency for people to evaluate their own actions, abilities, and beliefs by contrasting them with other people's
an uncomfortable mental state resulting from a contradiction between two attitudes or between an attitude and a behavior
actions that tend to benefit others
personality can be described using five factors
a type of coping in which people try to prevent having an emotional response to a stressor
the tendency to agree to do things requested by others
the tendency to overemphasize personality traits and underestimate situational factors
the theory that how personality is expressed can be explained by the interaction of environment, person factors, and behavior itself
a model of health that integrates the effects of biological, behavioral, and social factors on health and illness
the evaluative aspect of the self-concept in which people feel worthy or unworthy
a hormone that is important for mothers in bonding to newborns and may encourage affiliation during social stress
emphasizes how people seek to fulfill their potential through greater self-understanding
explanations of people's behavior that refer to external events or other people's actions
component of personality that is completely submerged in the unconscious and operates according to the pleasure principle
the internalization of societal and parental standards of conduct
unconscious mental strategies that the mind uses to protect itself from anxiety
female's tendency to protect and care for their offspring and form social alliances rather than fight or flee in response to threat
accounts for about 40 to 60 percent of the difference in individuals' personality traits
the tendency for people to work less hard in a group than when working alone
a field that integrates research on health and on psychology; it involves the application of psychological principles to promote health and well-being