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science crossword

Teacher: MR. AGUERO
Second stage of cell division
A quality or characteristic usually belonging to a person
An organisms child or children
Heredity material in humans and in most other organisms
The smallest functional unit of an organism
Third stage of mitosis
Reproduction done by a single organism
An individual plant animal or person
A feature or quality of an organism
Process of cell division
Made of protein and a single molecule of DNA
Fifth stage of mitosis
A substance that proivides nourishment
First stage of cell division when DNA is copied
Reproduction done by two organisms
Final stage of mitosis when the cell divides
Copying or reproducing something
One copy of a duplicated chromosome
When the daughter cells divide again
A substance found in food such as meat
Fourth stage of mitosis
Transmission of genetic characteristics from parent to offspring
Physical and functional unit of heredity
The process of splitting into at least two