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History Timeline

by Haley Johnson
Split twig ________ were uncovered in redwall cliffs in the 1950's
2019 is Grand Canyon National Park's __________ year
Annual __________ was 44,000+ in 1919
He was possibly among the first mountain men to reach the Canyon around 1826
By the early 1990s more than a million ______ visited the park each year
Last name of young Mormon Missionary sent to locate easy river crossings in the Canyon
Grand Canyon _______ reached the South Rim in 1901
Name of the steamboat Lt. Joseph Christmas Ives attempted to take up the Colorado River in 1857
Geologist attached to Lt. Joseph Ives' expedition
In 1955, Beer and Daggett beccame the first to ____ through the Canyon
William Wallace Bass built a camp north of the river along this Creek
This ceased operation in 1968 but was restored and reintroduced in 1989
Company that developed facilities on the South Rim for tourists
His painting "Chasm of the Colorado" was bought by US Congress and hung in the lobby of the senate in 1874
He drove the first automobile to the South Rim in 1902
In 1776 two Spanish Priests, Dominguez and _________ traveled along the North Rim in search of a route to California
Achieved National ____ status in 1919
In 1872 he established a ferry service at the confluence of the Paria and Colorado Rivers
Signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe _______ ceded Grand Canyon to the United States in 1848
Luxury hotel built in 1905
First afforded federal protection in 1893 as a Forest _______
Rim-to-Rim access was established in the late 1920's by a suspension ______