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Psychological Disorders

A disorder characterized by alternating periods of extremely depressed and mildly elevated moods
A diffuse state of constant anxiety not associated with any specific object or event
Generic name given to formal psychological treatment
Therapy that incorporates techniques to correct faulty thinking and change maladaptive behaviors
Speaking in an incoherent fashion that involves frequently changing topics and saying strange or inappropriate things
A disorder characterized by frequent intrusive thoughts and compulsive actions
A clients awareness of their own unconscious psychological processes and they affect daily functioning
A diagnostic model views psychopathology as the result of learned, maladaptive thoughts and beliefs
Therapy that strives to help clients recognize maladaptive thought patterns and replace them with ways of viewing the world that are more in tune with reality
Factors that contribute to the development of a disorder
False beliefs based on incorrect inferences about reality
Disorder in which people engage in socially undesirable behavior, are hedonistic and impulsive, and lack empathy
A diagnostic model that proposes that a disorder may develop when an underlying vulnerability is coupled with a precipitating event
Sickness or disorder of the mind
A method that defines basic aspects of functioning and considers them across multiple levels of analysis, from genes to brain systems to behavior
An intensive treatment for autism, based on operant conditioning
Disorders characterized by excessive fear and anxiety in the absence of true danger
Disorder characterized by alterations in thoughts, in perceptions, or in consciousness, resulting in psychosis
A pattern of negative actions by a client's family members; the pattern includes critical comments, hostility directed toward the person by family members, and emotional overinvolvement
Treatment of psychological disorders based on medical approaches to disease and to illness
An anxiety disorder that consists of sudden, overwhelming attacks of terror
A disorder characterized by restlessness, inattentiveness, and impulsivity